Counselling & Psychotherapy

How I work

I am an Integrative Counsellor, which means I work with various counselling models to meet your needs.  However, the main modality I use is Internal Family Systems. It is a wonderfully compassionate way of working within therapy and life. I have completed level 3 training within this approach and I am currently working towards certification.  This means I am well placed to work with difficulties resulting from acute trauma, as well as more prolonged / childhood trauma which is impacting your present circumstances.  

I will work with you to get to know how you feel and experience your struggles.  A lot of research now shows clear links between emotional and physical wellbeing.  At Nourish, I offer the opportunity to explore these connections through mindful observation of your moment to moment experience, tracking your body and understanding how you feel emotionally and physically.

For more details on the Internal Family Systems approach you can check out:

Also this video created by Life Architect’s Michael Pasterski also helps to give you more of an idea of the model:

Nature-based therapy

Being outdoors and movement has been shown to have many benefits to our minds and bodies, particularly when we have experienced Trauma. Nature-based therapy with Nourish will incorporate the usual ingredients of counselling and psychotherapy, whilst using the expansiveness of nature.

All nature-based therapy is subject to weather and seasonal adjustments, particularly around daylight! Zoom sessions can be arranged if the Irish weather does not permit


Talking therapy sessions, online via Zoom (60 minutes)

Nature-based therapy sessions (60 minutes).

I offer a sliding scale in terms of payment for sessions, to enable better access to therapeutic support, so please feel free to contact me to discuss this further.

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